Store Policy & Warranty is Ostrich official warranty handler for Ostrich products. Please read through the warranty policy below carefully. For warranty concerns, contact us via customer service link found on our website.

Ostrich Products have been designed and manufactured in order to provide the maximum satisfaction and safety. Ostrich Chairs are guaranteed for 90 days and Ostrich PakSeats for 1 year against any manufacturing or material defect. This guarantee does not cover commercial use, improper assembly, setting up, or abuse/misuse, normal wear and tear, rips and burns due to misuse, improper care, natural breakdown of colors and material over time.



Should a warranty issue arise, please initially contact the retailer where you purchased the chair so that they can inspect the chair and determine if your claim is under warranty and handle accordingly. All warranty issues must be handled between the retailer and the customer.


Conditions of Use

Ostrich products are solely intended for personal and leisure use. Ostrich accepts no responsibility, nor does it provide the benefits of the limited warranty, if an Ostrich Product is used for business or commercial purposes. Ostrich products are designed and manufactured for normal use as a chair, which implies that it should be used for the weight for which it is rated it is designed and excludes, among other things, use by 2 people at the same time, even for a short period or leaning on it partially.

Individuals should sit down in the chair without "falling" into it, and should change position without making any sudden movements.

If you have any reasonable concerns about a pre-existing medical conditions or special physical or medical needs, you should check with your health provider prior to using the chair.

Ostrich chairs should be stored where they will be protected from adverse weather conditions and in a dry location when it is not in use.


Limited Warranty

Ostrich Product has been designed and manufactured in order to provide maximum satisfaction and safety. It is guaranteed for 90 days against any manufacturing or material defects. This guarantee DOES NOT cover damages that arise from business use, improper assembly or set up, normal wear and tear, accessories or defects that result from misuse. Under the terms of this limited warranty, Ostrich will replace, repair, or send a replacement part free of charge if the product problem meets the conditions above and is:

  • Welding, Frame, Hinges, Bolts, Brackets, Fabric, Chair feet, or Foot rests

Depending on the nature of the defect, you may either receive a replacement part or an entire chair.

Note: If you purchased your Ostrich product at, enjoy free shipping on your replacement part. Have your original order number handy to ensure this benefit. If you purchased your Ostrich product at another retailer, your replacement or replacement part is free, but a shipping charge will be applied to your order.

Note: Undamaged products purchased from a Deltess Corp dealer must be returned to the dealer from which it was purchased. If an undamaged product was purchased from Deltess Corp. the product can be returned to Deltess Corp for refund of the cost of the product.

Rust: Ostrich uses steel in a variety of applications and forms for its outdoor furniture because of its durability. Although furniture frames are cleaned, primed, and coated for protection prior to sale, steel components can rust and are not covered under warranty.



  • Go to 
  • Click on the completed orders link in the left menu bar. 
  • To the right of the completed order, you will see a link to get your return started. 
  • Follow the link and the directions.
  • You will be emailed a Return Authorization Number along with instructions.