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The Story of Deltess Corp.

Passion for Innovation

The story of Deltess Corp. begins in February 2003 with Co-founder, Dave D’Alessandro. Dave was on his honeymoon relaxing and reading on a lounge chair.  When he was ready to even his tan by lying on his stomach, he struggled to find a comfortable position that allowed him to continue to read his book. A common dilemma...Dave immediately had an idea of how things could be done differently – and better...and upon return from his trip, he put his creative juices to work and began to sketch a new design for lounge chairs.  The brainchild for the Ostrich 3N1 Chair was born!

A few months later, Dave discussed his idea with a few of his friends.  His long-time high school buddy, Adam Tesser, who had a head for business, a background in finance, and knew a good idea when he heard it, thought the 3N1 chair was a winner! When Dave approached Adam to partner with him, Adam jumped at the opportunity.  Together in January 2004, they formed Deltess Corporation!

After two years of development and a utility patent (6,854,807 B2) Deltess’ first product, the Ostrich 3N1 Chair was released in August 2005.

With momentum and demand quickly growing, Deltess began expanding their product line. The first new product was Ostrich Chaise Lounge, quickly followed by the Ostrich PakSeat backpack.   Since that time Deltess has added new products to their line every year.  They now not only sell chairs, they sell bags, umbrellas, towels and MORE!

Deltess’ customer base has grown every year.  Their products are sold all across the U.S. and Australia.  They are currently in discussions to sell in Europe!  They are committed to creating innovative, high quality products.

With a proven record of bringing ideas from concept to market, Deltess looks forward to further developing its product line, expanding its distribution network, and increasing its partnerships. 

Dave & Adam